Apple alerts consumers about the dangers of charging iPhones overnight

Apple alerts consumers about the dangers of charging iPhones overnight

Apple alerts consumers about the dangers of charging iPhones overnight: What is the final task you complete before turning in for the night? For several individuals, connecting their smartphone is the final action they perform before to entering slumber. Nobody enjoys waking up to discover that there is just 2% left on their smartphone battery and that they must leave the house in a short while to go to work. Your day will be soon ruined by this.

Apple’s support page warns iPhone users not to charge their phones overnight under a pillow or blanket

Apple has alerted consumers to the risks associated with charging their iPhones overnight on a support website headed “Important safety information for iPhone.” Apple issues a warning on its support website, saying, “…when a device, power adapter, or wireless charger is attached to a power source, do not sleep on it, place it under a cover, pillow, or your body. When using or charging your iPhone, make sure the power adapter and any wireless charger are in a location with good ventilation. If you suffer from a medical condition that impairs your sense of heat against the body, use extra caution.”

iPhone Charging Port Not Working
Apple alerts consumers about the dangers of charging iPhones overnight

There have been instances where an iPhone caught fire while it was charging and was covered by a blanket or pillow. To be honest, this is true for phones in general, not just iPhones. Just make sure your phone is well-ventilated and that it is not charging behind a pillow or blanket before you turn in for the night.

On the support page, there is another caution about a different component of charging that has in the past led to some very negative outcomes. A lot of us misplace our charge cords and power adapters. Usually, the reaction is to visit the Apple Store’s website and ask why a new charging brick costs $19 and a cable costs an extra $19. After all, you recently noticed a $4.99 no-name cable at the 24-hour convenience shop. As a lot of other manufacturers, including Apple, no longer provide charging bricks with their phones, so prospective iPhone buyers might want to spend a little more money for the official Apple accessory.

If your charging brick or cable shows any of the following symptoms, never use it.

You should stay away from cheap third-party replacements unless they include the MFi (Made for iPhone) symbol on the package. Apple has the following to say regarding utilizing third-party charging equipment: “Made for iPhone” or other third-party cables and power adapters that comply with USB 2.0 or later, with appropriate national rules, and with international and regional safety standards can also be used to charge iPhones. There is a chance of harm or death while using other adapters for charging since they could not adhere to safety regulations.

According to Apple, “Using damaged cables or chargers, or charging when moisture is present, can cause fire, electric shock, injury, or damage to iPhone or other property.” The tech giant advises you to check your power adapter for any of the following problems, as they might indicate the need for a new charging brick and pose a risk:

  • One or both of the power adapter’s prongs are broken.
  • The charging wire tangles or sustains additional harm.
  • There is an excessive amount of moisture present on the power adapter, or liquid is poured inside.
  • The casing of the power adapter has been damaged due to dropping it.

To clarify, even though Apple is the source of these cautions, they are applicable to all cellphones, independent of the maker. Yes, there are undoubtedly those of you who believe this to be an Apple ruse designed to trick you into spending money on accessories from Apple or other businesses. However, as we have shown over the years, you may wind up losing more money than you saved by using unapproved third-party charging accessories.ged.

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