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30% Off Google’s Pixel Buds Pro with ANC on Amazon

Consider the Pixel Buds Pro if you have an Android phone, need a new pair of wireless earphones, or are just wanting to upgrade. They are the top wireless earbuds from Google, and they are also the first in the company’s portfolio to have noise cancellation. Given that Google is the company that created the Android operating system, it goes without saying that they also provide exceptional Android integration. Not persuaded? At Amazon, the Pixel Buds Pro are presently 30% discounted, reducing the cost from $200 to $139, a saving of more than $60.

Google’s Pixel Buds Pro: Unleashing the Future of Audio

Our senior technology writer Stefan Vazharov gave the wireless earphones great marks in his assessment. The proprietary 11-millimeter audio driver in the Pixel Buds Pro earbuds, according to him, “delivers high-quality sound with a balance between deep bass, detailed midrange, and vibrant treble.”

The Pixel Buds Pro were also approved by Vazharov for inclusion in our list of the top wireless earbuds. Given that they are included with such notable headphones as the AirPods Pro, Beats Studio Buds, and Jabra Elite 4 Active, this is a testimonial to their capabilities.

The main selling point of the Pixel Buds Pro is active noise cancellation, which can filter out even very strong background sounds. A difficult task in a large metropolis, Vazharov’s assessment revealed that the in-ear seal and bespoke processor could reduce the cacophony of street traffic. With flexible ear tips that can adapt to your ears, their ergonomic design also makes them quite comfortable. He had no problems wearing them all day long.

The Pixel Buds Pro offer a transparency mode like other excellent wireless earbuds, which allows in outside audio (when you want it) so you’re aware of your surroundings. This option allows you to talk on the phone while wearing the earphones and also lets in background sounds. Thanks to microphones that assist reduce undesirable background noise, the Pixel Buds Pro also provides exceptional call quality, ensuring that your voice is audible even in loud environments.

The Pixel Buds Pro have a maximum listening time of 31 hours. If you use Android and have a phone like the Pixel 7a, for example, they’re virtually the greatest substitute for the AirPods Pro.

If you have a limited budget, we advise looking at the Pixel Buds A-Series. Additionally, these headphones are currently discounted by 40%, dropping the cost from $99 to $59 at this time.

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