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Google Pixel 8a Launch Date Leaks Reveal Colour Options, cameras, Design, Display and Specifications

Google Pixel 8a Launch Date Leaks Reveal Colour Options, cameras, Design, Display and Specifications: At Google’s yearly developer conference, I/O 2024, the much-awaited Pixel 8a launch is expected to be announced. A fresh leak ahead of launch purports to reveal the characteristics of the Pixel 8a, presenting a picture of an attractive mid-range phone with a sharp display, potent performance, and Google’s superior camera software.

Google Pixel 8a Launch Date

The next Pixel 8A is anticipated to be unveiled by Google next month at its annual developer conference, which is scheduled for May 14. A leak about the smartphone that suggests the color variants of the handset has appeared before of debut. The Android Headlines said that the Pixel 8A will be available in four different colorways: black, porcelain, blue, and green.

When it comes to design, the Pixel 8A’s general layout is nearly exactly the same as that of the Pixel 8, which it replaced. But the new vivid green color variation does give it a hint of freshness.

Google Pixel 8a Design and Display

Google Pixel 8A Leaks Price in India Specifications Colour Options Launch Availability Release Date Google Pixel 8A Leaks: Might Arrive In 4 Colour Options, Including A Vibrant Green
google pixal like google pixal 8

Among other changes, it displayed rounded sides compared to the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Around this time, Google often releases its A series phone, which is less expensive than the flagship but still sports nearly all of the same features and design. Often, the size is the only distinction that matters.

However, this design change is more obvious due to the softened corners. The phone is seen in the latest photos from the rear, with a matte black finish.

The face of the Pixel 8a is also shown in a photograph, and while it seems identical to the Pixel 7a from the previous year, the bezels are substantially broader than they are on the Pixel 8.

There are rumors that the google Pixel 8a will have a 6.1-inch FHD+ OLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz. This is an improvement over the Pixel 7a’s 90Hz refresh rate and matches the Pixel 8’s display quality.

Google Pixel 8a processor

The back of the leaked Pixel 8a box.
The leaked Pixel 8a box.

The google Pixel 8a is anticipated to be powered by Google’s upcoming Tensor G3 processor. Comparing this CPU to the Tensor G2 in the Pixel 7a, better performance and efficiency are promised. And may come with 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM in the basic model. This may also be Google’s first A-series smartphone with a 256 GB model.

Google Pixel 8a camera

The Google Pixel 8a camera specifications are probably not going to alter all that much. A 64-megapixel primary camera, a 13-megapixel ultrawide camera, and a 13-megapixel selfie camera are suggested. These are the same camera specifications as the Pixel 7a, in case you forgot, but improved images should still come from additional software capabilities and tweaking.

A few of the camera improvements that are available for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro may also be available for the Pixel 8a. Presume that a few, if any, of these characteristics will advance.

The Pixel 8a may come with Best Take, the much acclaimed new camera software feature found on the Pixel 8 and google Pixel 8 Pro. In order to make sure everyone in a picture looks their best, Best Take automatically combines related photos. Magic Editor is another new function that can be found on Google Photos. It offers a distinctive and innovative editing experience with the usage of AI.

Though it’s difficult to predict which of these features will be available on the Pixel 8a, it’s reasonable to presume that some will.

The google

Pixel 8a is said to keep the same dual rear camera setup as the Pixel 7a, which consists of a 13MP ultrawide sensor and a 64MP main sensor with optical image stabilization (OIS). However, the precise camera specs are unclear. There are also rumors that the selfie camera has a 13MP sensor. Since Google Pixel phones are renowned for their superb camera software, the number of megapixels on their own could not provide all the information.

Google Pixel 8a Battery

A 4,500mAh battery, which should be sufficient to operate the phone all day, is hinted to in the leak. It is anticipated that fast charging would be at 27W, which is respectable but not industry-leading.

Remarkably, a different report from Android Authority confirms information leaked by tipster Yogesh Brar and shows a comparable spec sheet for the Pixel 8a. According to the rumor, Google’s next-generation Tensor G3 processor and a crisper 120Hz refresh rate display will be features of the google Pixel 8a.

Google Pixel 8a Specifications

google pixel series featured

Previous leaks about the handset have indicated that the Pixel 8A is most likely going to be a small smartphone with a 6.1-inch display. A 120Hz OLED display is anticipated, which will be a significant upgrade from the 90Hz panel found in the Pixel 7A.

The phone has two cameras: a 13-megapixel ultra-wide angle lens and a 64-megapixel main sensor. These cameras are located at the back of the smartphone.

The Pixel 8A, like its siblings in the Pixel 8 series range, will run on the Tensor G3 CPU and, in its cheapest model, may come with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. This may also be Google’s first A-series smartphone with a 256 GB model.

The Pixel 8a is expected to sport a more rounded corner design akin to the Pixel 8 series, and its display may receive a brightness bump to 1400 nits, surpassing previous rumors. It’s interesting to note that the leak also shows DisplayPort output, which may indicate further features in the future that might compete with Samsung’s DeX mode.

Google is reportedly concentrating on software advancements with the Tensor G3 processor, despite the fact that no notable camera improvements have been recorded. The source claims that the Pixel 8a will have exceptional accessibility, and that it will be released more widely, likely to ten additional European nations: the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia. Compared to Google’s customary limited availability, this is a nice change.

All things considered, the disclosed specs present an attractive image of a mid-tier phone. At a reasonable price, the Pixel 8a may provide great performance, a sharp display, and Google’s superb camera software. With the event date drawing near, additional information regarding the Pixel 8a should be available shortly.

Google AI features: One of the greatest smartphones for pure Android and a number of AI features, such as Circle to Search, Magic Editor, Audio Magic Eraser, Best Take, and an AI-powered Google Assistant, will undoubtedly be the Google Pixel 8a. Nevertheless, the Pixel 8a may not have the Gemini AI nano-powered AI capabilities, so you may need to upgrade to the more costly Pixel 8 Pro, which is the only phone that supports Google’s most recent Gemini nano large language model (LLM) natively.

The Pixel 8a will come pre-installed with Android 14 and be qualified to use the Android 15 beta, which will be released at Google I/O 2024. In the second half of 2024, it will also be among the first smartphones globally to receive the stable version of Android 15. As of right now, it’s unclear if Google will provide the Pixel 8a with the same degree of software support as the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro (review), which includes up to seven years of significant Android OS updates.

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Google Pixel 8a Price

Google Pixel 8

When it comes to the price of its A series smartphones in comparison to the normal Pixel series, Google has been inconsistent. For example, the Pixel 7a cost $499 at launch, whereas the Pixel 7 initially cost $599. Customers on a tight budget would find the Pixel 7a to be a more appealing choice due to the $100 price differential between the two devices.

The price of Google’s most current model, the Pixel 8, has been raised to $699, while the Pixel 8 Pro is now $999. This is $100 higher than the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro at launch, which raises the possibility that prices may rise elsewhere. Rumors that the Pixel 8a would receive a little price hike in the European market, where leaks claim the price increase will be 60 euros, support these beliefs. That may easily equate to a $100 increase in the United States, but it’s crucial to remember that price rises don’t necessarily affect every area equally.

On May 14, 2024, Google is anticipated to introduce the Pixel 8a during its yearly Google I/O developer conference. The Pixel 8a’s pricing is yet unknown, although it could be $50 more than the $499 (₹39,999) Pixel 7a, carrying on Google’s tradition of raising A-series phone prices every year. A closer look at the Pixel 8a is probably in store as its debut date approaches.

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