Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review Additional spec details
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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review: Additional spec details

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, specifically. Its AI capabilities are what set it apart from its predecessor, the S23 Ultra, the most. With Google, Samsung has unveiled a slew of AI features under the name Galaxy AI. A 50MP camera with a 5X zoom and a titanium frame—available only on the Ultra—are two further enhancements.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review: Additional spec details

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review: Still the flagship of Android flagships |  ZDNET

Regarding its AI features, you may long-press the home button, circle a word or item, and have the search results overlay the screen. This is known as “circle to search.”

The S24 Ultra’s camera produces amazing photos, but Galaxy AI enhances picture editing. For example, when altering the image, you may use Generative AI to smoothly fill in the gaps and eliminate certain unwanted aspects from the image by tapping the Galaxy AI symbol. It also provides for the ease of moving items or topics about the frame. Please be aware that using this tool adds a watermark to the bottom left of the altered picture.

Another AI function that makes it easy to change the tone, translate, or check your spelling while texting or writing emails is called Chat Assist. You can use it directly from the keyboard. The keyboard features spelling and grammatical checks for use in emails, WhatsApp messaging, and formal and informal writing styles. With WhatsApp, the phone will automatically download a language pack when it receives a message in a foreign language, such Japanese, allowing for real-time message translation. Real-time call translation is another function of the phone that I haven’t had a chance to try. Furthermore, although accuracy is not its strong suit, the voice recorder may provide transcripts.

Even in direct sunshine, the screen can be read thanks to its brightness of 2,600 nits. With heavy use of the camera, AI, gaming, and other duties, the lag-free performance got me through the day with some battery left over after just one charge.

With Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra, artificial intelligence is now portable.

S24 Ultra AI features aren’t that special

Without a doubt, Circle to Search is the greatest AI function on the S24 Ultra in my opinion. I use it all the time, whether it’s for circling something from the camera app or doing online searches. In addition to the spinning canvas function that fills in the image’s boundaries, I also often use the shadow and reflection eraser from the Samsung tools.

However, the One UI 6.1 upgrade brings all these AI functions to the Z Fold 5, Flip 5, and S23 Ultra. Circle to Search is also available on Google Pixel phones. Thus, they are no longer a compelling enough selling point for the S24 Ultra, and as my colleague Lisa Eadicicco put it, it seems like a lost chance.

Circle to Search on S24 Ultra

Additionally, I’ve switched from using Google Assistant to Gemini AI, and overall, it’s been a positive experience. More than I thought, I’ve been utilizing it. When I utilize voice-to-text dictation, it still has trouble recognizing my Australian accent, so until that gets better, I primarily type requests to Gemini.

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