YouTube launches website and app for gamers

youtube launches gaming website and app

YouTube has launched a separate website and an app for gamers and game content lovers. Just before the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the annual event of gaming industry, the online video giant has revealed its plan to target the huge number of fans who look for gaming content and videos online.

Two reasons can be thought for the step taken by google. One is to provide the huge number of game lovers a better experience on YouTube. So YouTube gaming could become their favourite for streaming uploaded game-play videos, live game streaming and connect to people with same interests. That’s why YouTube launches website and app for gamers.

Another reason for YouTube launching website for gamers is to tackle acquisition of Twitch by Amazon, an online streaming website for games. Twitch was acquired by Amazon in 2014 for nearly $1 Billion. Twitch has a user base of 100 million users now. So this might had caused some concern for google so they came up with this website and app.

And considering the expansion of gaming industry from a mere time pass to a full-fledged business with professionals involved on different jobs, this is a smart move by Google. So searching “call” will populate result related to “call of duty” rather than “call me maybe” next time.

The website is expected to become available after the conference. It will be previewed in E3 which is beginning Tuesday.

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