Xiaomi reportedly working on a flexible touchscreen !

Xiaomi is made a great impact in the smartphone market. With a combination of high-end specs and aggressive pricing, Redmi Note 3 became one of the most sold out phones in India recently. But if this video leak has to be believed, Xiaomi is reportedly working on a bendable touchscreen ! Here is video leak on Youku suggesting the same:

Officially there hasn’t been an announcement from Xiaomi confirming this. But this could be true as other tech giants like Samsung & LG are also working on flexible screen concept.

This could be the new future that smartphone market is heading towards. We have progressed much in terms of existing hardware. We already have smartphones with 4GB (even 6GB) RAM. A phone with Shatterproof display has come into existence but costs high. Phones with latest Snapdragon 820 chip are in the market. But these features don’t excite us anymore. We still need to address issues like short battery life,  very sensitive and costly displays, non-modular phones.

This comes as fresh breath in terms of innovation.  It would be interesting to see how these flexible devices would be powered, how much would they cost etc.

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