Hello, Hello, It’s Me, the Photograph Application on Your Telephone!

hello! Photograph application, here. Understand what today is? Truly? No piece of information? Goodness, somebody has a short memory! Look at it: here you are on this date quite a while back. Isn’t this pivotal? Indeed, obviously that is you! It’s an outrageous closeup of that ingrown hair you had on your two-piece line. Keep in mind, you were unable to get a decent glance at it so you took a lot of pictures to ship off your dermatologist? Thought perhaps you’d need to present it on friendly — to honor the commemoration and such. Be that as it may, in the event that this pic isn’t doing it for you, I likewise have similar red knock from sixteen unique points in addition to several beast jaw zits you archived for any kind of future family. Here — I’ve labeled them with the hunt term “perhaps herpes” assuming you need them across the board place. Discussing, could a walk around a world of fond memories with the collection “Skin Conditions Throughout the long term?” No? O.K. I’ll remind you again in a year or thereabouts, preferably when you’re on a first date or talking at a burial service.

Psst. Could it be said that you are resting? I know it’s the late evening, however I needed to skip something major off you. Might you want to share this image of you kissing your ex with your contact “Ex Don’t Call”? It’s simply so sweet. This was at your old spot ready “Northwest Philadelphia,” correct? (Not following you, only close with G.P.S.) Was this whenever you first folks utilized that pizza stone? You so search in adoration. Send it to him! It’s good to go up to message — simply press this button. I guarantee it’s not strange to message your ex an image at 4 A.M., or I could not have possibly recommended it. Gracious . . . you need to see less things like this? That is fine. Northwest Philly is discouraging. For what reason don’t we pull up recollections from this Walk, 2016, trip you took with “Ex Don’t Call” to “Barcelona, Spain” all things considered. Amazing, ¡muy caliente! This man could truly wear the damnation out of a bathing suit, huh?

Hello, me once more! Trust your work show is going O.K. I just had a good thought: What about posting this screen capture of the text battle you had with your mother to Instagram? No? What about Twitter? Fine, perhaps text it to your mother? Gracious, Please accept my apologies. Sympathies. I’ll make a note of that and score the “Mother and Me” collection with something more serious — perhaps a minor-key instrumental composed by a PC program. Or then again an E.D.M. remix of Billy Beam Cyrus’ “Pain-filled Breaky Heart.”






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