How to speed up Android phone in 10 quick steps


Android phone working really slow! Here are some tips on how to speed up Android phone. First you need to understand that the phone is nothing but a machine with limited storage, processing power and graphic processing capabilities. Straining any of these components is going to choke on its performance capabilities. So just follow the following steps if you are in a dire need of performance.

Simple steps to speed up slow Android phone:

[1] Clean up your cache:

speed up android alean browser cacheAlthough cache is a useful feature but not all the time. Cache saves the data apps need on your phone so that you don’t have to download it again and again every time. But the limitations are there. Maybe the data your app needs updates too frequently, so your cached data is not useful anymore.

So go to Settings –> Storage –> (wait for it to calculate)–>Cached Data –> press Ok.

Your cache will be cleaned and this will definitely speed up Android phone. Some extra memory space will also become available now for you.




[2] The chrome fix:

slow android If you majorly use your android phone for web browsing this just might be the trick you need. By some default settings, Chrome is limited on how much memory it can use. That is why it starts stuttering when you scroll down a huge page or shifting tabs. So to fix this copy the below text and paste it in address bar:


A menu will come asking how much memory the browser can use. Select 512 instead of default (which is 128). Then click relaunch at bottom. This will definitely speed up the chrome. Heavy net surfers are going to love it. This is one simple trick to speed up android phone.


[3] Remove Apps that are not required:

An unnecessary burden carried by your memory space and RAM.speed up android phone remove less important apps First, identify the apps you rarely use or don’t use at all.

Go to Settings –> Apps –> swipe right to “All

There is a complete list of apps on your phone. Tap on the app you find not useful anymore. Click uninstall. If uninstall is not available tap disable app.



Disabled apps will go to the list of disabled apps. If later you want to enable that app you can enable it from there. By simply disabling non-required apps, you can release lot of free memory and speed up Android phone.



[4] Disable background tasks:

speed up android phone by dsabling apps This is one of the most important factors for a slow running device. A lot of apps have a background task that isn’t killed when you close the app.

Go to Settings –> Apps –> Swipe to Running.

This is the list of tasks that are currently running. Identify the tasks that need not be running in the background. Like a task for some game you play, or task for a music player, some navigation app or any other app you feel should not be running in the background. Simply tap the task and then tap Stop.


Don’t stop the task for system apps, active sync or chat apps like Whats app and Messenger. This process will clean up a lot of your RAM and definitely speed up the Android phone.


[5] No animation mode or reduced animations:

Now tspeed up android phone by reducing animationshis is a developer trick we are going to use. It will remove or reduce all the animations that android uses to make it faster.

First go to Settings –> About Phone –> Build number

Now tap build number 7 times (yes, Just do it !)

Now go back to “Settings”. Just above “About phone” you will see “Developer options” which wasn’t there before (magic ! ). Open it and you will find “Animator duration scale”, “Window animation scale”, “Transition animation scale” down there. Tap each of them and change them to either .5x or off. I would prefer .5x option. Turning if off completely makes the phone kind of boring. So reduce it to 0.5x but don’t turn it off to keep some spice in life. The reduced animation effects definitely help speed up Android phone.

[6] Optimize your home screen:-

It is the most visited view on your phone. A lot of widgets, shortcuts, and live wallpapers must be sitting in there. But if your phone is running slow do this immediately:

  • Reduce no. of widgets:

    slow android with lot of widgets

    Too ma widgets on home screen

    Widgets from different apps like music player, a clock, calendar and what not.They take up huge resources to run. Reduce their number to zero or keep it to a minimum to speed up Android phones.





  • No live wallpapers:

    Okay, that wallpaper might be looking really awesome on your home screen but it is one of the culprits for slowing down your phone. Always prefer static images over live wallpapers.




  • Custom launchers:

    slow android phone , so remove widgets

    Less widgets, static wallpaper and nova launcher on home screen

    The default launcher provided may be heavy and could be another reason for your buggy phone. Try some fast launchers with options to customize as your default launcher. They will not only help speed up Android device but also in changing the look and feel of the device.









[7] Phone clean up:

slow android beacuse memory full Delete all the old apps, app setups, old photos, documents, movies and anything else you really don’t need on your phone. A simple way of cleaning up your phone for both space and performance. Full memory card and full phone memory slow down the phones a lot. Clean them up immediately to speed up Android phones.




[8] System updates:

Slow android because pf pending updatesMake sure you don’t have any pending system updates. These updates are really important. They bring new features, enhanced performance and better battery life along with them.

Go to Settings –> About Device –> Software updates and check for updates.





[9] Reduce auto sync frequency:

Slow android phone because of sync frequencyMany of us have multiple accounts added to our device. The automatic sync going on in the background gets the data from internet and keeps us up to date. But that some time might take a hit on performance. To completely cut off auto sync :

Go to Settings –> Accounts — > Auto Sync (under top right menu ” … “)

But this is too harsh and not required most of the times. You can reduce the sync frequency individually in the apps like in Facebook.



[10] Restart your phone more often:

An easily forgotten thing to implement. This is a temporary fix but a quick one.


So these are some simple and effective tips in how to speed up android phone. If you find them useful do like and share. If there are some other ways too please comment.

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