Samsung truck experiment- a smart truck to prevent accidents

samsung truck

Driver behind the truck can see the traffic in front of the truck on the screen .Hence, overtake wisely.

If you live in hills, or places where roads are single lane then you know the pain of overtaking a truck. Samsung truck experiment is aimed at solving that problem only. Although trucks drive really slowly, it is not easy to overtake them in narrow or single lane roads. We don’t know if there’s a curve ahead, not enough space to overtake or another vehicle coming through. This leads to so many accidents and fatal collisions.

What Samsung Truck is doing is really smart. There is a wireless camera in front of the truck and a giant screen made up of 4 monitors at the back. So whatever is in front of the truck, the same view is presented to the person driving behind the truck. This gives the driver a better view and better judgement on whether to overtake or not. This will work in the night too.

This was just a prototype implementation for now and a successful one. Samsung is looking to take next steps to meet the necessary protocol and permit requirements.

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