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Nationwide MNP to start from July 3rd

Nationwide MNP (Mobile number portability) will be rolled out by mobile service providers on July 3rd, Friday. MNP is a service which allows users to retain their number when they change service provider. The MNP service is already working if the user switches in a same


2G friendly Facebook Lite app launched in India

Facebook has launched 2G friendly Facebook Lite app in India and Philippines. Targetting its 2nd biggest market, Facebook launched the app in two countries with more to follow. Facebook had already announced the app. The Facebook Lite app is build considering the countries where the majority

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The time will stop for 1 second on June 30

Yes, you heard it right. Today the time will stop for 1 second. There is a scientific reason to it. This is done to synchronize the Solar time and the International Atomic Time. Our perception of time is on the basis of Earth’s rotation around

5G standards defined

5G speed defined by ITU as 20Gbps

The International Telecommunication Union has defined initial definitions for the upcoming 5G network. A 12 member team of ITU sat in a conference held in San Diego from 10-18th June to decide the specifications. And as a conclusion was the 5G speed defined by ITU

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Narendra Modi mobile app launched on Android

The Indian prime minister Narendra Modi is the leader with most digital impact in India. Stepping up his online presence PM Modi has launched an app ‘Narendra Modi Mobile App’  for Android on Wednesday. Mr. Modi tweeted “Launched ‘Narendra Modi Mobile App’ Come, let’s stay