Meet Rolly! Foldable wireless keyboard from LG

Yes, you heard it right! With a rise in demand for accessories for mobile or rather portable electronics, Korean company LG has announced Rolly. A unique portable keyboard which can be rolled to a “stick”. the stick can be carried along easily and gives you a standard keyboard on unfolding.

LG Rolly Specifications:

Physical appearance:

LG rolly foldable keyboard

Rolly has 4 rows of keys. Rolly will have a key pitch of 17mm which will have the same comfort as of a laptop keyboard with 18mm pitch. It will be made of polycarbonate and ABS plastic. Both of them are durable, hence LG claims Rolly can withstand few drops too. Rolly has a built-in stand to support tablets. Tablet lovers are surely going to love that!


LG rolly foldable keyboard

Here is the smart feature to impress. Rolly uses Bluetooth to connect to devices. It can connect to two devices at a time. So you may want to connect your tablet and phone simultaneously or two phones. And shifting between devices is a matter of two key press.

Adding to the smartness, it has auto on and off feature when folded/unfolded. Then there is auto reconnect to the device it is paired with.


One major concern with wireless devices is the battery life. And LG has done a good job here too. Rolly will require a single AAA battery. And it would last 3 months with normal usage. To save battery, it automatically turns off when not in use.

See the official video from LG demonstrating the use:

We liked the keyboard from it’s initial impressions but will have to wait until it is launched. It launches in US this September and possibly by the end of this year, in Asia and other markets. The price has not been disclosed yet.

Although it is a good concept but few downsides are possible too.The video gives an impression that the keyboard might require a firm base like a table. In that case, you might not be able to use it on your lap in bus or at home. But that is not sure and the video doesn’t reveal it too.

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