Drupe app – A must have Android app to contact your favorites quickly

Here we introduce Drupe, a must have Android app for sure. Suppose you want to communicate one of your best friends. But you aren’t sure on which channel to use – What’s app, Messenger, Skype, call, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and what not. With the expansion of both social media and communication apps, it’s really tough to manage them all. Drupe encounters exactly the same problem.

We basically communicate and interact with same five to ten important people to us. Be it Facebook, messaging, call, What’s App or e-mail, but those people are the same. So our approach is to search for the app, open the app and search for that person. Why not make it simple !!

How Drupe makes life easy:

With Drupe, we get to choose our favourite contacts in one column and apps we use to communicate in right column, as shown below:

Drupe a must have android app

As we can see on the left, all our favourite or recent contacts can be listed. And on right, we have different apps through which we would like to communicate to them. Now all on has to do is to simply swipe the contact over to What’s app if he wants to What’s app him. Same works for calling of messaging. This makes life simple as we have both our favourite apps and people in one screen.

How to access drupe app:

Drupe app can be accessed from anywhere on the phone by the tapping the three dots we see in the picture below. If you don’t like it it that way you can change the settings like I did and now double tap on home button can also be used to access it.

Accessing drupe: A must have android app

ways to access drupe

Invisible hotspots on screen, draggable dots, Home button and no trigger are some other options to choose from. The app is accessible even from the lock screen. So quickly contacting someone is a matter of seconds. Then there are lot of personalisation settings you can choose from.

So this is a must have Android app for power users. You can download it from the play store:

Download Drupe App

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