Best memory card for phone 8GB,16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB

Looking for best Secure Digital (SD) memory card for your smartphone. Well with advancement in capabilities of phones the storage space has become a crucial factor. Internal memory is not enough to store the OS, apps as well as the documents. And here SD cards come to rescue.

Memory cards are divided into multiple classes based on their speed. So there are four main classes for sd cards. Class 2, 4, 6 and 10. Class 10 memory cards are fastest and used in professional photography and in high-resolution camera. Class 2 are slowest. Every sd card has its class marked on it as below:


Memory cards come in different sizes like microSD cards, miniSD cards and standard size cards. Smartphones and phones use microSD cards which are the smallest. Using an adapter you can fit them to intended devices.

Best 8GB Memory Card:

Good enough storage if  your phone already has internal memory of 16GB at least.

  Class 10: RS 210   
 Class 6: Rs 178

Best 16 GB Memory Card:

  Ultra High Speed class 3: Rs 825
  Ultra High Speed class 1: Rs 565
  Class 10: Rs 365            
Class 6: Rs 355   

Best 32 GB Memory Card:

  Ultra HIgh Speed class 3: Rs 1500
Ultra High Speed class1: Rs 800 
 Class 10:  Rs 750     
Class 6: Rs 758

Best 64GB memory card:

 Class 10: Rs 1580              Ultra HIgh Speed class 3: Rs 2975

Best 128GB memory card:

 Class 10: Rs 6100

Greater than 128GB:

You need an external hard disk buddy! Not a card I suppose 😛 Buy this: Seagate 1TB Backup Plus

Class 2 Memory Cards:  

  1. Very slow.
  2. good for standard video recording
  3. Not for HD, Full HD recording
  4. But cheap.

Class 4, 6 Memory Cards:

  1. Faster,
  2. good for HD recording
  3. Best choice for users having smartphones with HD recording.

Class 10 Memory Cards:

  1. Very fast.
  2. Good for Full HD recording.
  3. Best choice for DSLR owners, Smartphones with full HD capabilities

UHC class 1, 3 Memory Cards:

  1. Optimized for performance.
  2. Best for DSLR owners, professional photographers, and curious people 😉
  3. Transfer speeds up to 80 MB/s.

So if you have decided which class to go for, have a look at the memory size available and their price:

So according to the speed you require, memory card your phone supports, make a smart choice.

But if your Android phone is already running slow, here are some tips to help you out:

How to speed up Android phone in 10 quick steps


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