Best mp3 player under 5000 in India

Music and videos have changed the world like never before. And for the music lovers, a portable mp3 player is the best gadget to have in their arsenal. Everyone has a smartphone nowadays but for the music and multimedia lover inside you, a portable mp3 player is what you deserve. Not only it will save the ‘precious’ battery of your phone but will provide you a dedicated media content player with hours of playback. So let’s get into real thing and have a look –

Best portable mp3 player under 5000:

Transcend TS8GMP710K

Transcend TS8GMP710KTranscend TS8GMP710K
Buy from:Flipkart Rs 3650
Amazon Rs 3279
Capacity8 GB ( 2000 songs roughly)
Playback Time42 hrs
28 hrs audio recording time
Screen2 inch, 240 x 320 pixels, Full Color TFT Screen
Weight39 g
FMBuilt-in FM Radio
Additional FeaturesFitness Mode, Step Counter
Video playback: AMV, AVI

Sony NWZ-B183F

Sony NWZ-B183FSony-NWZ-B183F Best mp3 player under 5000
Buy from:Flipkart Rs 3990
Amazon Rs 3625
Capacity4 GB
Playback Time23 hours,
Quick ChargeYes, 3 minute charge gives 90 minutes playback
Dimension22.2 mm X 84.5 mm X 13.4 mm, 30 g
Additional FeaturesBass Boost
Direct USB
Some Video file Format also supported
JPEG Photo also supported

Transcend MP300

Transcend MP300 Transcend MP300
Buy from:Flipkart Rs 1890
Amazon Rs 1633
Capacity8 GB ( 1000 songs roughly)
Playback Time15 hrs
Quick ChargeNo
Weight15 g
Additional FeaturesUSB (2.0), Feather Weight, Ring navigation

Philips Gogear Mix

Philips Gogear MixPhilips-Gogear-Mix Best mp3 player under 5000
Buy from:Flipkart Rs 1999
Amazon Rs 1868
Capacity4GB, (1000 songs roughly)
Playback Time10-hours, 130 mAh battery
Quick ChargeYes, 6 minutes charge gives 60 minute playback
Screen0.98 inch,128 x 32 pixel LCD
Dimensions24.5 x 15.9 x 82.4 mm , 22gm
FMYes, can also save FM stations
Additional featuresAudio recording
Direct USB
Built-in clip to cling it to pocket or belt

Transcend TS8GMP330K

Transcend TS8GMP330KTranscend-TS8GMP330K
Buy from:Flipkart Rs 2750
Amazon Rs 2349
Capacity8 GB (1600 Songs approx*)
Playback Time12 hrs
Quick ChargeYes, 6 minutes charge gives 60 minute playback
Screen1 inch OLED display, 128 x 32 pixels
Weight85 mm X 25.5 mm X 11.5 mm, 25 g
FMYes, with recording
Additional FeaturesSport Clip (Detachable) to cling to pocket or belt while jogging etc
Audio recording up to 20 hours

Philips GoGear Action

Philips GoGear ActionPhilips-GoGear-Action best mp3 player 5000
Buy from:Flipkart Rs 2999
Amazon Rs 4597
Capacity4 GB (Approx. 900 Tracks )
Playback Time12 hrs , 90 mAh battery
Quick ChargeYes , 5 min Charge for up to 60 mins Playback
Additional FeaturesSweatproof Shockproof Dustproof
Direct USB
Hands-free Use

Apple ME949HN/A

Apple ME949HN/AappleI pod best mp3 player under 5000
Buy from:Flipkart Rs 4300
Amazon Rs 4180
Capacity2 GB (380 tracks roughly)
Playback Time15 Hours
Quick ChargeNo, 3 hrs (Full Charge), 2 hrs (80 % of Charge)
ScreenNo, Voice Over
Button : reads out track being played
Weight29 mm X 31.6 mm X 8.7 mm, 12.5 g
Additional FeaturesUnibody design, sturdy design
USB-based Charging

Best in-ear mp3 player under 5000:

If you prefer in-ear design then definitely go for Philips Go Gear Action. It provides hands-free usage.

Best in-ear mp3 player under 5000:

There are multiple options to choose from above. SonyNWZ-B183F or TranscendTS8GMP330K are one the best options to go for in this range. Both have impressive specifications. But there is a huge price difference. So the budget is deciding factor among the two.

So according to your budget you can go for one of these mp3 players under 5000. Also, if you are in a mind to buy a phone only then look some good phones under 5000  here.

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