Airtel 4G not working on iPhone 6! Here is the reason why.

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Recently Airtel has launched 4G services in Delhi circle. Users with 4G compatible phones are really happy but for iPhone users, it didn’t last long. Because for most of the users, the case is that 4G is not working on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Well here’s why that is happening.

Apple iPhone 6 is 4G compatible no doubt but 4G works in two frequency bands. TDD and FDD i.e. Time-Division Duplex and frequency-Division Duplex. Now here is a the problem. Airtel is operating in TDD bandwidth (2300 MHz) and iPhones are not. TDD bandwidth is incompatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus models.

Here is a graphic to show how 4G frequency is divided:

4G not working on iPhone 6

So as of now Airtel users are not able to connect to 4G network. Earlier Airtel was working on FDD band only when it first launched 4G services in Kolkata, back in 2012. But recently Airtel started experimenting with TDD band in NCR.

But initially Apple pushed an upgrade to make the Indian version of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus compatible with 4G. So if your iPhone happens to be one of these models then 4G might be working on your device. You can verify it from the graphic below:

4G not working on iPhone 6


The A1586 and A1524 models are compatible with the current bandwidth that Airtel is offering. Users with other models might have to wait for other service providers to roll  out 4G. Their 4G band will be compatible with iPhone’s band. India has become an important market for Apple. Recently Apple posted a large growth in iPhone sales in India.

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