2G friendly Facebook Lite app launched in India

Facebook lite app

image courtsey : www.starkinsider.com

Facebook has launched 2G friendly Facebook Lite app in India and Philippines. Targetting its 2nd biggest market, Facebook launched the app in two countries with more to follow. Facebook had already announced the app. The Facebook Lite app is build considering the countries where the majority of users use 2G networks or the internet speed in not so good.

The Facebook Lite app is only 430 KB. And in order to data-efficient, some content optimization is done by Facebook. Users can select the quality of images they see on their news feed. Videos are not shown in the news feed, but future versions of Facebook Light App will support that too. It has support for advertisements, push notifications and messages too. Yes, the Facebook Light app has inbuilt chat functionality. The standard Facebook app does not have this function. Users have to install separate Messenger app for that. But Facebook Lite app has this feature is built in.

You can download Facebook Lite app from here:  Download


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