Microsoft launches new Word, Powerpoint, Excel for Android phones

As promised Microsoft launches Word, Powerpoint and Excel for android. This is in advancement to MIcrosoft’s strategy of making it’s popular and widely used apps for a wide array of devices. “I’m pleased to announce the general availability of the new Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps

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Samsung truck experiment- a smart truck to prevent accidents

If you live in hills, or places where roads are single lane then you know the pain of overtaking a truck. Samsung truck experiment is aimed at solving that problem only. Although trucks drive really slowly, it is not easy to overtake them in narrow

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How to get Microsoft Windows 10 free upgrade?

So you are a Windows fan and want to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10 for free ! Well here’s an approach on How to get Microsoft Windows 10 free upgrade. For Mobile users: All Windows Phone 8 users will get Windows 10

5G standards defined

5G speed defined by ITU as 20Gbps

The International Telecommunication Union has defined initial definitions for the upcoming 5G network. A 12 member team of ITU sat in a conference held in San Diego from 10-18th June to decide the specifications. And as a conclusion was the 5G speed defined by ITU

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Narendra Modi mobile app launched on Android

The Indian prime minister Narendra Modi is the leader with most digital impact in India. Stepping up his online presence PM Modi has launched an app ‘Narendra Modi Mobile App’  for Android on Wednesday. Mr. Modi tweeted “Launched ‘Narendra Modi Mobile App’ Come, let’s stay

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Remote not Working ! check batteries using your smartphone

  So your remote control just stopped working. Now use your smartphone to test batteries of the remote control. A short trick. It will tell you whether your battery is dead or not.The basic requirement to test your phone battery is a phone with a camera. Even


Dedicated key button for Cortana in keyboard in windows 10

The Windows 10 systems which are scheduled to arrive later this year Toshiba is going to change the keyboard. Toshiba will add a dedicated key button for Cortana in keyboard in windows 10, Microsoft’s digital assistant. Jeff Barney, GM of Toshiba America told PC world