How to see dismissed notifications and notification history on Android

How to get back dismissed notifications on Android phone! This is quite a common case as people are in a hurry and they keep dismissing the notifications without actually paying attention. Or when your phone is flooded with too many notifications from multiple apps and tasks, we just tend to dismiss them without actually reading carefully. What if you want to see the dismissed notification once again ?

See dismissed notifications  on Android Lollipop or Marshmallow:

  1. Long press on the blank part of your home screen to bring up widgets option. Select widgets.long press desktop
  2. Scroll down to find the setting shortcut.find settings shortcut
  3. Long press the shortcut icon and drag it to an empty part of your home screen. A Settings Shortcut window will open. Scroll down to find Notification Log in that list and select it.Notification log
  4. A shortcut has been created now on your home screen which takes you to a long list of all your past notifications.notification log shortcut

Clicking this shortcut takes you directly to all your notifications. Cheers!Notiifications

So this is how you can access previously dismissed notifications on Android phone. 🙂
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