Best laptop under 30000 in India with graphic card for gaming & students

Here are some best laptops under 30000!  At 30000 price range, you can expect to get a machine with enough processing power for daily usage, smooth internet browsing, and gaming. We could find out laptops with Intel core i3 chip (3rd, 4th, 5th generation) in combination with dedicated 2GB graphic memory in 30000 range. Intel Core i5 is also available with graphic card .Laptops under 30k have a storage capacity of minimum 500 GB and a maximum of up to 1TB. Let’s have a look at the list and then choose according to your priority -processor, graphics, storage or their balanced combination.

Best laptops under 30000 in India are:

Best laptops under 30000 in India for gaming , student, work:

Acer Aspire E5 offers 5th generation processor in 30k budget along with Intel HD graphics. Dell Vostro 3446 offers 2GB NVIDIA graphics in this price segment along with 4GB RAM. Also, HP 15-r245TX has got 4GB of RAM and 2GB graphics memory.

On the lower budget,  a combination of 4GB RAM along with 1GB graphic memory is available. Like the HP 250 G3 has. So if graphic intensive tasks are not what you do majorly you can opt for 1GB graphic memory and save some bucks.

If long sessions of gaming, video editing task and other heavy rendering tasks are frequent,  then buy a laptop with a dedicated graphic card up to 2GB.

If you use laptop majorly for internet surfing, watching videos, light gaming, and not so heavy graphics oriented content, then graphic memory is not a critical requirement. There are some laptops under 30000 with good processing power and inbuilt graphics card. They will cost less bucks too and get major of tasks done for you easily.

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