Best laptops under 25000 in india for students, gaming and office

See the best laptops under 25000 in India. As students generally use laptops for installing academic software, browsing the internet for information or reading documents, laptops under 25000 are capable enough to handle such tasks with ease. With RAM up to 4GB and inbuilt dedicated graphic memory card, laptops in 25k offer smooth experience in day to day work. And for recreational and entertainment purpose, these are best laptops to play movies, surfing the internet and play light games. So see the list of best laptops available under 25000 in India:

Best laptops under 25000 in India are:

Best laptops under 25000 in India for gaming, office, students :

At a budget of 25000 Rs, there are multiple laptops offering Intel Core i3 processor with inbuilt graphic memory. They are best laptops to go for in this range. Then laptops with APU A8 processor and 6GB RAM are also good options to consider in this range.

Laptops in 25k price range are a perfect match for home use. They offer enough specifications for day to day usage and entertainment content. Some light gaming will also be supported easily. Core i3 processor can easily deliver smooth performance for internet browsing, office tools like excel and light coding and gaming software.

See some best laptops under 30000. Dedicated graphic memory up to 2GB is available in this range.

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